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Upcoming Apple devices leaked by Foxconn Insiders

It’s just about a few hours left for Apple’s WWDC event to kick off but we already seem to have a sneak peek of all the new hardware in the offing. The leak, the credit for which goes to a few Foxconn insiders mentions about the expected stuff such as the 2018 MacBook Pro, iPhone 8, or iPhone 7, and Siri speaker along with the unexpected ones such as Apple Smart Glasses and so on. The source that has come to be known as Foxconn insider has taken to Reddit to reveal their findings.

Here is all that got leaked.

iPhone 8: No doubt one of the most anticipated iPhone devices in recent times, the anniversary edition is touted to have features such as water and dust resistance and wireless charging. The device is believed to have a composite glass back instead of the usual aluminum build to allow for wireless charging.

As for looks, the tipsters mentioned the device to have an all glass front with just a minor cut-out at the top to allow for the placement of the front camera. The device is also tipped to come with Facial Recognition and Retina Scanner tech as authentication tools.

The report also mentioned there is less likely for the final units to come with fingerprint scanners integrated within the front display.

Further, test units with the Touch ID sensor included at the back too weren’t seen, which casts a doubt about its existence.

Further details include a 3 GB RAM along with a lightning port for data transfer and charging, with no USB Type-C port to be seen.

iPhone 7S: This would come across as the usual upgrade over the base iPhone 7 model. However, the version will miss out on some of the features like wireless charging and will have an aluminum body.

AR Glasses: This forms part of what is known as ‘Project Mirrorshades’ within Apple and envisages the development of a smart glass with augmented reality capabilities. Based on Kopin technology, the glasses will have a polarisized lens with Zeiss smart optics.

The smart glasses will also feature advanced features such as microphones that rely on bone conduction methodology, Light sensor Accelerometer, app navigation Magnetometer, and Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery. The device will likely work based on movements that would serve as inputs.

For instance, as Foxconn insider revealed, a user shaking his head can be taken as a no while nodding will serve as a yes. Such gestures can be made good use of in apps such as Tinder.

However, the Apple smart glass project has a higher probability of not making it to the final stages owing to battery issues.

Siri Speaker: Here is another product that Apple is rumored to be readying for launch during the WWDC event though Foxconn insider is of the view that the device still shouldn’t be expected to reach markets before the end of the year.

The tipsters also stated the said speaker has the looks of a Mac Pro but having smaller dimensions. They also stated they have tested three devices with one sporting neither a camera nor a screen. However, it is not known what the device will eventually look like in reality.

MacBook: It has been some time Apple had upgraded its MacBook range and the same is heavily rumored this year. In fact, Apple is expected to announce an upgraded MacBook range during the WWDC, which also includes the MacBook Air. Foxconn insider too reiterated the above but stated the MacBook Air could be on its way out.

While that obvious contradicts earlier rumors that claimed the MacBook Air might be getting a life extension of sorts, Foxconn insider is claiming otherwise. The group, however, stated they have tested upgraded MacBook devices. While exact specs aren’t available, they said the devices have a lot more glass area and sported a dark black color theme. The while Apple light is set to make a comeback.

Foxconn insider didn’t have much else to reveal except that a third sized variant of the iPad could be in the works.