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Sony’s Gold and Silver PS4 variants coming at E3, more price cuts expected

The E3 has always been one of the happy hunting grounds for Sony. From the usual Microsoft projecting its consoles and games, we have seen it all during Sony’s past outings at the E3.

This year too Sony’s press conference would be the highlight of the show though the Japanese conglomerate might not be at its combative best. Instead, Sony has already announced a special edition gold and silver PS4, complete with Dualshock 4 controllers done up in matching shades for E3. Also, Sony is expected to announce is a price cut of its existing PS4 range to make opting for rival consoles seem that much more expensive.

That is understandable considering that Microsoft is on the verge of launching its next-gen Xbox Scorpio which boasts of vastly enhanced capabilities. The comparable PS5 that can mount a challenge to the Scorpio isn’t due until next year. So the best option for Sony will be to play the price card.

Chances are that the Scorpio would be priced in the $500 price range, or may be $400 at the least with some corner cutting. As such, a price cut for the PS4 Pro can’t be ruled out entirely. Similarly, the PlayStation VR too could see a downward price revision, with 9.99 mooted as the likely price point, inclusive of the camera and a few VR games.

The US market will, however, get to have only the gold version, where it is priced a nice 9.99. The version will have 1 TB of hard disk space. Experts opine the price point may be made permanent even though Sony has stated the special edition models are least likely to be renewed once the current stocks dry up.

Europeans would be luckier in that they would be getting both the gold and silver versions. The consoles will come with 500 GB of native storage and will reach markets by June 28. No pricing info has been released as yet though.

Sony hasn’t yet stated if they are planning to launch such gold and silver trims of the more recent PS4 Pro consoles as well.