Home Technology Motorola announces six new mods in Ghana, likely to be available soon

Motorola announces six new mods in Ghana, likely to be available soon

Motorola recently announced half a dozen Moto Mods at an event in Ghana. These mods can be clamped on to the rear of Moto Z, Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play devices to further enhance its functionalities. The Lenovo owned brand had earlier announced they intend to launch at least a dozen of these every year and it’s good to see the company actually sticking to its promise.

Now coming to the mods, the latest releases covers niches ranging from photography and music to even one that could be a regular during your outdoor sporting sessions. Mentioned below is a brief description of all the new Mods Motorola announced recently.

Moto 360-degree camera: This comprises of two camera lenses and is able to live stream video to the various social channels. The entire mod gets attached to the top of the device though the exact specifications of the camera, its price or availability continue to be shrouded in mystery.

DirecTV Mod: This one is aimed at transforming your Motorola handset into a TV of sorts. For that to happen, the mod has the provision to accept a HDMI DirecTV streaming stick to stream live TV on your device. Interestingly, DirectTV happens to be an AT&T service, which means the mod will be functional only in areas where the carrier allows it. Put in other words, DirecTV Mod applies to only the US as AT&T is providing this service.

ROKR Mod: Long time Motorola loyalists as well as music enthusiasts are likely to connect instantly with the term ROKR. It used to identify Motorola handsets sporting additional audio features. No wonder the same also applies to the ROKR mod that basically serves as a high-end speaker that you can attach to the rear of the handset. The mod also happens to be one of two mods that were developed in partnership with Marshall, the other being the Studio mod.

Studio Mod: It basically is a top class microphone that clings to the phone from the top. So while the ROKR adds to your listening pleasure, the Studio will help unleash the singer within you.

Action Mod: What is instantly clear is that this is a ruggedized cam that can take on some rough and can likewise accompany you during some of your outdoor adventure sport outings. Maybe this can replace you GoPro as well in future.

DSLR Mod: You will never need to have a separate DSLR camera once you have this mod clamped on to your Motorola handset. Tall claims that might seem but the mod actually allows you to attach real DSLR lens on to your phone. The result should also be as promising as full scale DSLR cams, or at least nearer to it.

In the end, let’s be reminded the above mods are still concepts at best but are expected to be launched soon.