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Google Pixel 2 XL leaked, reveal single rear cam and ‘Full Vision’ front display

Google’s upcoming second-gen Pixel hardware might just have been leaked online, revealing details hitherto unknown to us.

What is evident right away is the LG G6-like ‘Full Vision’ display, complete with the 2:1 aspect ratio. This also makes the upcoming Pixel XL conform to the latest Android smartphone trend characterized by longish displays. That naturally translates to the device itself becoming slightly taller and slimmer though the overall dimension is not likely to be overtly bigger than its predecessor.

The screen also is curved along the edges though not in the same manner as the Galaxy S8. The display seems to be flatter with negligible bezels all round. This no doubt will put it in good stead against competitors such as the G6 or the S8. The sides again are believed to include squeezable areas designed to invoke different software features, something that instantly reminds us of the HTC U11.

Interestingly, the Pixel 2 XL display as well as the entire handset – though there still is some ambiguity if that is what the handset would be referred to when launched – would be made by LG.

This marks a departure from the first gen Pixel which was put together by HTC. The design of the upcoming Pixel handset is however led entirely by Google.

Meanwhile, another aspect of the new Pixel handset that comes to the fore is the rear design. To begin with, the same two-tone look is maintained here, with glass and aluminum making up the rear. The glass area is however markedly reduced this time, so much that the fingerprint sensor is now accommodated within the aluminum block.

Also yes, you have got the hint, there is no under-display fingerprint sensor yet on even the finest Google handset, which means Android is likely to miss the trend this year at least. The Galaxy Note 8 is already speculated to have a physical fingerprint sensor placed at the rear.

Coming back to the Pixel 2 XL, the camera seems larger than on its predecessor while also having a single lens.

That is quite unlike the current trend where dual lens rear cam is almost the rule on flagship handsets. The camera is also surrounded by a metallic ring that seems to protrude a bit and is not flush with the surface as was the case with the first gen Pixel phone.

As for the authenticity of the leak, it has come via trusted sources Android Police, enough for it to be considered trustworthy. However, given that it still some months away for the new Pixel to launch, there might be small changes introduced though the overall schematics is expected to be the same as the leak depicts.