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Nokia 8 with dual rear cam, Snapdragon 835 and conventional looks

The high-end Nokia device that can take the battle to the established Android flagships has finally emerged. Christened Nokia 8, the phone will have all that it takes to emerge at the top of the heap, which includes top-notch specifications and a dual rear cam.

Positioned in the old Lumia fashion, the dual rear camera lenses are placed along the middle in a vertical slot. Each of the lenses is of 13-megapixel resolution though there is no word on the aperture count.

Then there is going to be the familiar Zeiss branding as well, followed by the LED flash below it. It has just been weeks that Nokia announced teaming up with the famed optics specialist. Now word has it that the new Nokia 8 carrying the Zeiss branded camera will be hitting streets as early as July 31st itself.

The rest of the specifications known so far are equally exciting though familiar. That includes the Snapdragon 835 processor working in tandem with either a 4 GB or 6 GB RAM. There will also be 64 GB of native storage on-board. There should be the provision to add another at least 128 GB though the same isn’t mentioned as yet.

Up front, there is going to be a 5.3-inch display having a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Running the entire show will be the stock version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

So far so good though what has come as a major disappointment is the looks that the handset sports. The latest leak on Nokia 8 has depicted the handset done up in a shade of blue. However, while most other Android flagships have resorted to a design theme where almost the entire front is made up of the display with almost non-existent bezel depth, the Nokia 8 continues with the conventional design theme.

So while the bezels along the sides are reduced to the bare minimum, the same along the top and bottom is too pronounced. All of it makes the device look so befitting of 2015-2016 and it remains to be seen if the hallowed Nokia branding alone can help stave off the competition from the likes of the Galaxy S8 duo.

The Essential PH-1 takes things even further with the front display expending all the way to the top edge, with just a minor cut-out for housing the front cam and other sensors. The upcoming iPhone 8 too is expected to feature a true edge-to-edge display.

As such, Nokia 8 might have a hard time finding enough buyers given that most other competing handsets feature almost the same specifications and hence perform just the same. However, the others out there are strikingly better looking.