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YouTube Red and Google Play Music set for a grand merger says YouTube exec

YouTube Red and Google Play Music will henceforth function as a single entity, announced the YouTube head of music, Lyor Cohen. The development is hardly surprising given that the same was being rumored for months now.

In fact, it was just this February that the individual teams behind Play Music and YouTube were combined, which led many to speculate a merger of the services too could be on the cards. And now that the same has proved right, it remains to be seen how soon the combined entity emerges, or how it is going to be like in its new avatar.

While things are likely to clear out soon, there is also no denying the fact that such a move was always the need of the hour. With Google’s music service being increasingly complicated, this has also led many to wonder why it took so late for Google to sort this out.

As things stand right now, anyone who wishes to be part of Google Play Music is required to shell out a monthly subscription of $9.99. However, that not only assures you unlimited access to the over 40 million songs that the Play Music hosts, YouTube videos will also be devoid of ads for paid subscribers.

Put in another way, Play Music is basically a music app that will let you listen to songs, create your own playlists and such. The system also acts to suggest you new titles that you may like based on your listening preferences, the season or even the time of the day and so on.

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Then there also is YouTube Red that too offers similar goodies to its paid members. That includes access to YouTube original movies and shows, the option to playback clips even when offline or background play.

Under the changed scenario, there likely will be a single interface to get access to the songs and videos that you may like. There aren’t likely to be any changes for the user’s perspective as paid members already had access to the songs and videos they looked for. However, the way that was done is expected to become much simpler than ever before.