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LG V30 confirmed to have 6-inch VR ready P-OLED display

Small bezels are the latest in-thing for smartphones and with it larger displays. LG has stated both are going to be applicable to their upcoming flagship device, the V30. That is not all as the upcoming V30 will also be featuring a plastic OLED display as well.

The last time an OLED panel was fitted onto a LG phone was the G Flex 2 and the display technology is being favored again for the V30. That again is for obvious reasons; as LG explained one advantage with OLED is that it is best suited for VR applications.

Use of plastic OLED also enabled LG to make the display to be slightly curved along the edges. It might not be as pronounced as in the Galaxy S8 series but it still is there. And it looks and feels great too. Also, of course, the curved displays make the side bezels to seem to be almost non-existent. LG also stated they would be sticking to the ‘FullVision’ design theme with the V30 as well; only this time the bezels will be further cramped.

The company stated the top and bottom bezels will be further reduced by 20 percent and 50 percent respectively. All of it will be filled up by the display of course, which LG confirmed will be 6-inches this time. That again is the biggest it has been on an LG phone in recent times though the device on a whole isn’t going to be any bigger. In fact, LG has claimed the upcoming V30 will actually be smaller in dimension than its predecessor, the V20.

LG sending invites for V30 launch on August 31

Further, the 6-inch OLED panel will have a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels while a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 will protect it from accidental bumps and thuds. LG also stated the OLED panel will be HDR10 compatible and will be able to project 109 percent and 148 percent of the DCI-P3 and sRGB color space respectively. In other words, the display is going to be more life-like and color-rich than ever.

Also, it’s going to be the same 2:1 aspect ratio that the panel would be adhering to, which means the same basic longish design for the V30 as it has been with the G6. Expect the device to go official during the IFA event in Berlin on September 1. That makes August 31 as the most likely date for the unveiling of the handset.