Home Technology Google fires employee who criticized the alleged anti-diversity policies of the company

Google fires employee who criticized the alleged anti-diversity policies of the company

Google has confirmed firing the employee who had earlier written a memo criticizing the work culture prevalent within the company. What seems to have irked the search giant the most is the alleged discriminatory practices followed by the company where men employees are given more favors compared to their female counterparts.

CEO Sunder Pichai in a separate note to employees explained the reason behind the company’s firing of the engineer saying he violated the company’s code of conduct. He also rubbished the charged leveled by the employee, terming it as completely baseless.

Interestingly, Google is also facing investigations by US Department of Labor. Charges include underpayment to the female staff compared to the males even in instances of both doing comparable tasks. Google, of course, has vehemently denied the accusations.

The timing of the release of the memo titled ‘Google’s ideological echo chamber’ particularly when the company is being investigated for wage imparity has also left many wondering if the two is related. The memo spanning 10-pages has however gained wide circulation within the company via both their internal communications channels as well as Google+.

The employee had also accused Google of being left-leaning in its practices and policies, leaving little space for conservatives like him to grow and thrive. He even dwelled on the basic biological differences between men and women as the reason why women continue to be under-represented in the tech industry.

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Several of the top honchos within Google also came down heavily against the memo, claiming the discriminatory charges leveled against it to be baseless. As the company vice president for diversity and integrity, Danielle Brown stated, one of the core values that has been the driving force behind the company include diversity and inclusion.

Brown also stated building an open inclusive environment is something that Google has always strived for achieving and remains committed to that for the long term.