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Apple Watch 3 rumored to have LTE

Apple Watch is easily the least popular of all of Apple’s hardware offerings though that might change once the new Apple Watch Series 3 comes along. And the reason for that could be its own built-in LTE connectivity that will let it function on its own at all times.

At least, that is what a few of the most recent reports on this have revealed. In the current scenario, an Apple Watch at best can only be seen as a more mobile extension of the iPhone that it is paired with. It relies on a Wi-Fi connection to get online and lacks an integrated LTE functionality.

However, with the forthcoming Apple Watch having an LTE chip embedded in it, you can be rest assured of being connected to the digital world with just the thing strapped around your wrist. You can spare yourself from carrying the iPhone for that.

However, for that to happen, Apple will have to ensure the watch can truly function in a standalone mode. That way, all calls or notifications that the iPhone receives should also get reflected in the Apple Watch as well. Similarly, there should be an adequate measure to respond to those notifications if those so warrant. No word though on how Apple is going to visualize the newest iteration of its smartwatch though there also are rumors that there will be Wi-Fi and LTE versions existing side by side.

Price clearly is another sticky point for the Apple Watch though unfortunately, there is no measure as to how much an Apple Watch with all the bells and whistles loaded will end up costing. While it is true the LTE model will be costlier than the corresponding Wi-Fi version, anything above $1,000 will surely be beyond the reach of most out there.

Many are also apprehensive if the addition of an LTE chip will have an adverse impact on the battery, which clearly is least desirable. Similarly, any changes in the size too wouldn’t likely go down well with prospective buyers, which include an increase in the size or depth and so on.

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Apple is also keen to see its smartwatch emerge as a reliable health tracker, enabling its users to lead a life healthier than before. Apple was earlier known to be working with several agencies to develop non-invasive methods to test blood glucose levels. That sure makes for a challenging task but it will equally important for Apple to be able to tap the segment such as the elderly with its watch instead of only targeting the young and usually healthy group.