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Everything you need to know about Android Oreo

It is finally here, Android Oreo, the Android version that will power our handsets for the next twelve months. Also, with the Android platform becoming solid and well-rounded with each update, the subsequent iterations too are becoming less exponential and more subtle.

The latest Android Oreo upgrade is a shining example of this, and it is no surprise therefore that the Oreo continues with largely the same look and feel as that of its predecessor, the Nougat. That said, the changes are hard to miss, as are the new features that the Oreo comes with.

For instance, there is the new picture-in-picture mode that will let two apps split the display so that you can attend to both simultaneously. Then there are enhancements to the notification center as well where you get to place the most relevant ones on your display so that you can be sure not to miss out on those.

Google is also promising the new Oreo to be the fastest iteration of Android so far, with boot times projected to be twice as quicker as on the Pixel. Then there is the new Autofill feature as well, which aims to fill in your most used details to ensure things get done faster than ever before.

Security too has been enhanced with the new Google Play Protect feature that is now integral to the Android Oreo version. While that translates to bad days ahead for the scammers and hackers with the Oreo, its peace of mind for you as apps have better all-round install controls embedded in them.

Battery power, or the lack of it, is always an issue with the mobile device. The problem again is compounded if you are in a remote place and miles away from civilization or the nearest charging slot. Google is, however, claiming the new Oreo thrives in such setting as the OS limit power consumption to just a trickle, servicing only the bare essential features while limiting background usage of power by various apps.

Another extremely likeable aspect of the new Oreo and one that is directly perceivable is the introduction of cool new emojis. Those are colorful and varied, making them suitable for just about every occasion. And there are plenty of those.

As for the chances of you getting the Oreo upgrade, that again is something that depends on the carrier or the manufacturer of your device. Google said companies like Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global home of Nokia Phones, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony are already in line to introduce Oreo on their respective device before the end of the year. For the others or for devices that are past their prime, they can only hope for the best, unless of course, you are ready to invest in a new handset right away.