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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Preorder, Specs, Price, Availability

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is officially here, finally. This marks a momentous moment for the company post the poor exit of Note 7 last year. True the new Note 8 is yet to earn its baptism from the public though things seem to shape up well enough for the phablet. Here is a low down of all that Samsung revealed of the latest Note 8.

To begin with, the Note 8 compares favorably with the S8+ save for a slightly heavier build. The looks are almost the same except that the display is that wee bit bigger (6.3-inch compared to 6.2-inch on the S8+) while the top and bottom bezels too are further restrained. The curves along the sides, while still being present, is, however, less perceptible than on the S8+. The corners too are a lot less rounded. On the whole, it is a bit more squarish and flat design, which is perhaps in tune with the basic principle of the Note series, that of aiding on-screen typing.

This directly brings the S Pen to picture. However, while the stylus largely remains unchanged, there are a few cool new software tricks introduced this time. For instance, there is the Screen Off Memo mode that gets invoked each time you pull out the stylus, enabling you to take a maximum of 100 pages of notes. The Live Message lets you send a written or drawn message, which gets recreated at the receiver’s end just as it was created by you. The S Pen will also help you translate selected texts in up to 71 languages.

Mention must also be made of the rear dual camera, a first on any Samsung device so far. Both are of 12-megapixel resolution, with one being a wide angle lens having a f/1.7 aperture. The other is a tele photo lens having an aperture of f/2.4. Both benefit from OIS, which Samsung claims to be another industry first.


As for the raw specs, that again has quite some similarity with the S8+. That includes the Snapdragon 835 chip along with 64 GB of native storage though the RAM has gone up to 6 GB. Power comes from the same 3300mAh battery as in the S8+. The fingerprint sensor again is placed just beside the camera, a design feature that had evoked sharp criticism on the S8 range.

On the whole, the Note 8 comes as a modest improvement over the S8+ though the evolution is much more perceptible when compared to the Note 7. In-store presence will start beginning September 15 though pre-orders have already started. The phone is available via all the major carriers in the US. The price though is a rather steep $929.