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Twitter could be working on making tweetstorm a regular feature

Rumor has it that tweetstorm could soon emerge as the newest feature to grace Twitter. If that be true, then users would find creating tweetstorm far more convenient than is currently possible.

The above has its origins in the chance discovery of the feature in the company’s Android app, the credit for which goes to developer Devesh Logendran. Twitter though is yet to make any official comment on the development and is neither denying nor confirming the finding.

Also, even though the feature is found being tested on a very limited scale, that again is no surety the feature will eventually be released across all it app versions or on the desktop site. The company also regularly tests new features and not all of them ever get officially launched.

For the uninitiated, a tweetstorm is basically a method to intertwine a series of related tweets to make it easily comprehensible to those interested. You do so by linking your tweet with all its replies as well as all subsequent tweets that you make.

That way, readers can keep track of everything that you have to share in a convenient manner. However, the current setup has its own shortcoming in that one mis-tweet in between can break the link, leading to the dispersal of all the tweets in your timeline. Making tweetstorm as an official Twitter feature, it is believed, can easily circumvent the above shortcoming.

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Tweetstorm is also a nice and legitimate method of getting around the 140 character limits. As such, you can express all your thoughts and ideas without worrying about crossing the limit. No wonder celebrities and corporates find tweetstorm a nice way to communicate with the target audience. Further, making it a regular Twitter feature will ensure the site can well emerge as the go-to site by the celebrities to launch their plans.

Interestingly, this should also help ease things when you need to share something longer given that Twitter has decided to stick to their 140 character limit. The micro blogging site had debilitated raising the limit to 10,000 characters sometime back.