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Google Gmail update makes phone numbers, email ids and addresses as hyperlinks

Google has introduced a minor but important update to its Gmail and Inbox apps that transform such pieces of info like addresses, phone numbers or contacts as hyperlinks. This might seem a trivial move, but the real world benefits are quite significant.

Post the update, clicking on those info will lead you to the most relevant app. For instance, clicking on the phone number will lead you to the phone app so that you can initiate a call right away. This otherwise requires you to specifically copy the phone number and pasting it in the phone app to make a call. None of that anymore.

Similarly, clicking on an address will launch the Google Map application so that you can get a grasp of the exact location of the address. In the same manner, clicking on an email address will let you compose a new mail right away using your default mail app.

Google said the update will be applicable to iOS and Android as well as the web. So part from a mobile device, those accessing the Google email client on their desktops can also benefit from the update. Google also stated the update has already been rolled out and should reflect in user’s devices anywhere in the world within the next three days at the most.

Interestingly, the feature has been available on Apple’s iOS and Mac devices for quite some time now. With the feature now available on Gmail as well, users can save a lot of time as they can get about doing their job more seamlessly.

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Google’s Gmail is already being used by around a billion users worldwide, a big chunk of it being business users as well. Almost two-third of the Gmail users has been found to access the email client on their mobile devices. As such, the move to hyperlink the crucial bits of information such as address, phone numbers or email ID will be about enhanced convenience and benefit of the users.