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iOS 11 feature list and how to install it

Apple released the new iOS 11 for users to download. The new iOS version together with the latest crop of iPhone devices is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in the way users have known iPhones, or for that matter, even smartphones so far. With exciting new features and functionalities, iOS 11 will be miles ahead of its predecessor. At least, Apple promises it to be so.

Mentioned here are some of the best-known features of iOS 11.

Augmented reality: Apple can easily be credited with making AR mainstream with iOS 11. Making it a reality will be hundreds of apps that users can use to superimpose virtual object in a real-world setting. The scope is varied for such a feature as it can be equally applicable for fun applications such as games, entertainment, chatting or for business and industrial purposes as well.

Multitasking: With Split View or the new Slide Over, you can keep two apps in focus at the same time. Technically, it’s one of the apps that you will be dealing with at any given time, but you at least have the option to keep two apps open simultaneously, something of a novelty on iOS devices.

Dock: There is also the new Dock that houses the most frequently used apps for easy retrievals. The Dock is again accessible from any screen, making it super easy for quick references to any other document or app from any position.

New App Store: The App Store has a whole new look in iOS 11. Apple is promising discovering new apps and games will be a breeze and will include more details pertaining to each app, such as interviews or information about the particular iOS developer and so on.

Document Scanner: This happens to be a cool new feature addition to the iOS 11, one that lets you scan documents with ease. You can also add annotations to the scanned document with Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro using Markup. This otherwise would have required you to make a print out of the document, add your annotations and scan again.

Files app: The new Files app provides you with a centralized view of all your storage scene be it on your iPad, iCloud including even other cloud services as well. You also get to search for the files besides organizing them as well.

Quick notes: With iOS 11, you get to jot down even when the iPad Pro is locked. For this, you only have to tap your Pencil on the screen. This will launch the Note app where you can jot down right away.

Do Not Disturb while driving: This is something that perhaps has been long due. With the feature invoked while driving, you will have lesser distractions to deal with, thereby ensuring safer drives. And perhaps the best thing here is that the feature gets activated automatically as it can detect vehicle movements or using Bluetooth devices attached to the vehicle.

Indoor maps: Apple maps will guide you to various locales around the world though the new indoor maps will let you explore them in-depth. Those include shopping centers or airports where you will be shown or guided around using friendly voices or on-screen directions.

Make payments via Messages: With the new iOS 11, you have the option to send money to just about anyone from right within iMessages. You can even tell Siri to make the payment, which will be done using credit and debit cards you have in the Wallets. This makes for an easy yet secure mode of monetary transaction.

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Siri: The all too familiar digital assistant is now more user-friendly than before thanks to a more natural and expressive voice that you will love to hear often. There are finer controls available as well, such as intonation, pitch, emphasis and tempo that will let you create the voice you will love relating to. That is not all as Siri has also picked up new language skills, with the ability to translate to foreign languages such as Mandarin, French, German, Italian or Spanish. It will also offer more personalized notifications based on your usage pattern.

Music now more social-enabled: You can create a profile wherein you get to share playlists with your followers, get notifications regarding your friends’ listening pattern and so on.

Photos: You can do more fun things with your photos thanks to several new features such as Loop and Bounce that will let you create video loops. The app also benefits from the inclusion of several cool features like the new Portrait mode, OIS, True Tone flash and HDR.

How to download: You will likely to get a notification once the update is ready to be downloaded on your device. Or you can manually see if it is available by taping Setting – General – Software Update.