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Amazon Music gets Alexa to boost voice search for songs

The friendly Alexa digital assistant has now been introduced to the Amazon Music app, which means greater convenience in listening to your music. Also, with Alexa being made integral to both the Android and iOS version of the Amazon Music app, the feature is going to be available across the entire smartphone spectrum provided you subscribe to Amazon Music.

The immediate benefits of the move will, of course, be to go for hands-free operation of the Amazon Music app. Also, most of it has to do with searching for a particular song, or class of songs. In fact, users can even ask Alexa to search using just the lyrics, such as when the user might have forgotten the specific song name.

Users can instruct Alexa with such queries such as: ‘Play the song of the day’, or ‘play music for workouts’ and such. In fact, there can be multiple songs to suit any mood, tempo, genre, activity and such, and Alexa will be all too happy to comply with such requests.

As things stand at the moment, Amazon Music is already the third biggest online subscription-based music streaming service provider, after Spotify and Apple. The integration of Alexa to Amazon Music will no doubt add to its appeal all the more. In fact, users just have to instruct the type of song they wish to listen, and Alexa will be doing the rest.

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That said, having to talk to the phone in public places isn’t that comfortable to all, particularly when there are people around, like in a crowded bus. However, the convenience that the feature makes for remains undoubtable; more so when it allows the user to speak in their own natural voice and tone.

This again isn’t anything that many users aren’t used to already given that Alexa has already been a regular in millions of homes via the Amazon Echo range of speakers. With it now introduced on smartphones, there instantly is a vast new segment for Alexa to cater to, comprising of the entire Android and iOS device range.