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Sony working on new gen smartphones featuring new design

Sony is reported to be working on a whole new design theme to be applied to its future smartphone devices. This has been revealed by the managing director of Sony’s Indian operations, Kenichiro Hibi who however was in no mood to spill the beans further.

Hibi, in fact, pointed to several new generation devices being in the making, one that would sport new age designs. That can be a sure indication of a lot more in the offing from Sony than just smartphones.

Companies have often resorted to launching a chain of accessories that enhance the functionality of the smartphone. For instance, there is the Essential PH-1 that is also working on a 3D camera to accompany the smartphone. Maybe Sony too is thinking along the same lines.

As it is, Android flagships tend to be largely the same when it comes to their internal specs. This makes it hard for companies to maintain a unique identify vis-a-vis its rivals. In such a scenario, external design and camera performance provides them with some room to innovate and improvise.

Sony, however, had made a bold attempt in keeping its flagship range unique with its omnibalance design approach.
Unfortunately, that just seem to be working anymore, and the phones had begun to look retro for some time now, what with thick bezels along the top and bottom.

This applies to even the latest flagship phones from Sony, the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZ1. This, when rivals have migrated to a cleaner design where the front is almost bezel-less. The likes of the iPhone X, Essential PH-1, LG V30 or the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 should be ample proof of this.

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That Sony too is working on a bezel-less smartphone design had also been hinted a few months back. It also seems to have a nickname already – Mirai – which stands for future in Japanese.

As for its likely launch window, there are two mega tech event in future – CES in January and MWC in February. We sure can look forward to having more on the future Sony flagship during either event, if not the launching of the device itself.