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Google Fiber will not offer TV in Louisville and San Antonio

Google Fiber will be restricting its services in Louisville and San Antonio to just the high-speed internet, with the TV not in the service bouquet yet. This is quite unlike other cities where Google Fiber has a presence as TV forms part of the services in those regions together with the internet.

Google Fiber further clarified this change in its service offering forms part of it attempting something new. However, it ruled out this being the new trend for the company from here onwards, allaying fears TV might be removed in those regions where it forms part of the standard offering.

Google Fiber also chose to highlight how the very concept of watching TV has undergone a change as a means of justifying its act. With the advent of the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, people have taken more to streaming of video content which in turn is seen emerge as a viable alternative to watching shows on TV.

It is this trend that Google said has made them to rethink their strategy with the focus right now more on providing high-speed internet connection than ever before. Google, however, is yet to confirm when it will eventually be launching its internet services in Louisville and San Antonio.

Google meanwhile continues to provide TV viewing package in its existing markets which include more than 220 channels. Then there is the DVR as well that enables users to record several shows simultaneously to allow for later viewing. Google also stated the increasing consumer preference of opting for only internet services has led them to tweak their offering to exclude TV in its future markets.

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Things also are believed to be far from smooth sailing at Google Fiber. The company right now is without a head after chief executive George McCray stepped down in July. McCray had been at the helm for just five months, and the company is yet to announce a new CEO. Under the circumstances, it remains to be seen how the company shapes its offerings in the days to come.