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Razer to launch gaming oriented smartphone on Nov 1

Come November 1, and there is going to be a new entrant in the already crowded smartphone segment. No big deal that sure is except that the company in the question is none other than Razer.

The move shouldn’t come as a surprise too considering that the company has been dropping enough hints about its smartphone ambitions. And now, there is this tweet via its official channel that confirms the launch is going to happen at the beginning of next month itself.

Unfortunately, the tweet is frugal at its best given that all it shows is a visibly pleased man holding a smartphone in his hands. Everything else is darkened, including the device though the Nov 1 launch date is given prominence at the bottom. For the uninitiated, Razer is more of a familiar name in the world of gaming PCs; with many, a high-end power packed computers to its name.

There is no info as to what hardware specs the upcoming smartphone will be seen sporting, but given the company’s gaming lineage, it is almost a certainty the phone too will be carrying the same DNA. And if that be the case, expect specifications to be on the higher side, with the price too being commensurate to that.

The Razer phone will also be significant considering that there aren’t any gaming-oriented smartphone in the market right now. The best that hard-core gaming enthusiasts can have at the moment are the usual crop of flagship phones that again do it pretty well when it comes to playing most games.

Then there also is the Moto X Play that comes with additional snap-on gaming modules that provides for control sticks on either side of the handset. That makes for a lot of convenience compared to on-screen controls, especially when playing involving games such as racing and so on.

The Razer smartphone too is expected to offer something similar, besides of course high-end specifications and a long-lasting battery. While much of it is shrouded in secrecy at the moment, what is clear is that the device is going to be extremely interesting compared to the plethora of smartphone launches we witness almost every other day.