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Samsung plans to unleash its new Bixby 2.0 across most of its consumer product range soon

Bixby may be the youngest among all other smart digital assistants, but the Samsung creation seems set to make the biggest leap so far as product proliferation is concerned. As per reports currently available, Samsung is all set to introduce Bixby to its Family Hub refrigerators soon, with smart TVs next in line.

This can be considered just the beginning of a new era where the South Korean company is envisaging Bixby making its presence felt across the entire spectrum of gadgets and devices we use all day long. Those again can include even the water sprinklers apart from of course TV, fridges, washing machines, ovens and so on so that these create a seamless environment of interconnected smart devices that can operate with the least of human interference.

All of this forms part of what Samsung referred to as the Bixby 2.0 update that was launched during the company’s Developer Conference 2017 held at San Francisco. First launched as part of the Galaxy S8 package where the assistant even benefitted from a dedicated physical button, Bixby, however, had started amidst mixed reviews, so much that Samsung later launched an update that disabled the special ‘Bixby’ button.

Samsung, during the conference, claimed Bixby has since evolved to have over 10 million registered users aided by its presence in over 200 countries worldwide. However, Bixby 2.0 happens to be a complete overhaul of the smart assistant with better natural language and deep linking abilities.

Another significant milestone with the smart assistant is the launch of Bixby SDK which Samsung said will be made available soon to even products from competing companies. This would enable developers to create more meaningful ways to harness the abilities of the assistant across a wider device segment, including those outside of Samsung’s domain as well.

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As things stand at the moment, the South Korean giant already enjoys a huge advantage over its tech rivals such as Amazon, Apple, Google and the likes that have a digital assistant offering of their own. Samsung has its own product portfolio comprising of TVs, fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, and so on. In contrast, all the above companies have their assistants confined largely to smartphones or a speaker.

However, it is not clear at the moment how or when we can see Samsung devices benefiting from the AI capabilities of Bixby. As the company stated, it is just the beginning and it could some years at least before the change begins to be felt.