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Apple engineer fired for letting his daughter film the unreleased iPhone X on Campus

A seemingly innocent hands-on video of the yet to be released iPhone X has cost an Apple employee his job. The said video was filmed by the employee’s daughter who had gone to the Apple campus to see her father.

Brooke Amelia Peterson also made the most of her encounter with the iPhone X and even filmed a hands-on video of the phone supposedly to showcase the various capabilities of the handset. Of course, the tech adventurism hasn’t gone down well with the Apple top brass who were prompt to see the employee dismissed. The reasons are simple in that filming within the Apple Campus is prohibited, more so of a product that is yet to be released by the company.

It is not only that, but the Amelia Peterson video has also revealed other classified information privy to Apple. Those include a Note app on the iPhone X containing QR codes that are meant to be accessible to only the Apple employees. Several codenames of yet to be released Apple products also seems to have been compromised.

No wonder, the YouTube video had gone viral in no time and has also been picked by various sites. Apple’s subsequent damage control measures like asking the employee to remove the video yielded little results given the reach the video had achieved by the time.


Amelia Peterson, on her part, said she wasn’t completely aware of the rules that she ended up violating. She also said the video was shot not for any gains, be it commercial or for popularity. She also said in another video released subsequently on YouTube that she did it for the simple reason that she enjoys doing YouTube videos and had no idea the video would go viral and gain so much attention.

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The engineer contributed with the radio and wireless circuit on the landmark device and is described to be a wonderful person by her daughter. She also expressed grievances over the abuses her father has to take in owing to the incident, which she claimed is totally unjustified.