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Why Samsung Galaxy S9 will not have an under-screen fingerprint sensor

Those hoping for an under screen fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9 are in for a bummer as the latest rumors on this have simply ruled out such a scenario. According to those tracking developments at the South Korean firm, the company might well have given up on its attempt to field a sensor just below the front display given that the technology on that isn’t matured yet. This is also something that was speculated to be the star feature of the current S8 duo itself. Now it seems the S9 too is going to miss out on that.

Under the circumstances, the best that fans of the Galaxy S flagship series can hope for is a more convenient place to slot the sensor. The S8 currently has that at the rear and just beside the rear cam, something that also happens to be the single biggest gripe with the otherwise brilliant smartphone.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors of the S9 featuring 3D facial recognition tech to either act as a supplement or an outright replacement of the fingerprint sensor. However, this is far from being confirmed and is mere speculation at the moment. That said, something along this line cannot be ruled out either considering that Apple has already upped the ante on this with its new Face ID tech serving as the primary biometric tool on the iPhone X.

Apple has also gone on record claiming Face ID to be several times more secure than the fingerprint technology. As such, Samsung’s continued reliance on fingerprint matching technology might be seen as a step backward in the highly competitive flagship smartphone segment.

Last heard, Samsung was facing brightness issues with the fingerprint sensor placed beneath the display. It seems it hasn’t been able to perfect the issues in a year’s time so that the next hope is to see it fructify on the Note 9. The Note 8 continues with largely the same design theme as the S8, albeit with some minor refinements like even slimmer top and bottom bezels and such.

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It wouldn’t be surprising though if another rumor crops up claiming an under screen fingerprint sensor might be a reality on the S9 after all. Or better still, some other technology for user authentication.