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Samsung Galaxy X gets a support page of its own on the Korean site

Samsung’s radical new foldable phone codenamed Galaxy X is in the news again, this time thanks to the company allotting a separate support page dedicated to the device. This again can be seen as the closest that Samsung has come to officially confirm so far of it being in the making.

Unfortunately, the separate support page on the company’s South Korean site for a device having model number SM-G888N0 has nothing else to share, such as the likely design of the device or its specifications. In fact, linking the same page to the Galaxy X is mere speculation at the moment though experts tracking the development of the phone opine this to be the right time to launch the support page for it.

Further, the biggest proof of the page actually belonging to the Galaxy X is that the model no. SM-G888 has been associated in the past with the foldable phone. Among the agencies that the phone has already won certification from including the Wi-Fi Alliance, South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, and Bluetooth SIG.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also hinted of keeping the Galaxy X as a niche offering. Towards that, a launch sometime early next year is also being speculated as this would give ample space for the company’s S9 series to take to the market. The usual schedule for the S9 to launch is in the spring followed by an autumn launch of the Note series of a flagship.

Samsung has also been showing off bendable displays several times in the past though this is the first time the company has taken the rather bold decision to come up with a consumer grade product, even if it is touted to have a limited run of the market. Strange enough, there is almost next to nothing that we know of the device so far, which is quite unusual for a Samsung flagship device.

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That said, the device is still speculated to have a flip-phone design and not one that looks like an open book. The display will be bendable in a single direction, offering a single seamless longish display when fully opened. The choice of processor is expected to be Snapdragon 845 which is the successor to the hugely successful Snapdragon 835 current powering almost all Android flagship phones.