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Apple iOS 11.2 update released, Apple Pay Cash fails to make the cut

Apple has begun rolling out the iOS 11.2 update, which comes just a day after it had launched the sixth and of course the last of the beta version of the same. However, while the update comes with several new features as has been expected all along, the much-anticipated support for Apple Pay Cash, unfortunately, isn’t in that list.

Among the things that users can look forward to include support for faster wireless charging. The latest update allows for 7.5W of energy transfer and ensures quicker charging times. The standard iPhone power adapter maxes out at 5W.

Unfortunately, this applies to just the latest crop of iPhone devices – iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus that have wireless charging features integrated. The three happens to be the first ever iPhone devices to support wireless form of charging.

Another aspect with the latest update is that it comes with the fix for the date bug that caused iOS 11.1.2 devices to crash after December 2. In fact, it is the fix to this issue that is believed to be the reason the release of the update has been brought forward. The update was earlier expected to launch a couple of weeks later.

Apple has however stated the update needs to be installed after disabling all notifications for the duration of the install process. If this is not done than the update might end up causing more problems than it is designed to solve.

After that, the update also addresses the calculator bug where certain symbols didn’t get displayed at times. The animations too have been junked, which has resulted in faster response times with the calculator.

Among the other likeable aspect with the new update include some tweaks to the camera which has improved the video stabilization. Similarly, there are improvements meted out to the emoji while there are some new Live wallpapers for the iPhone X as well.

As for Apple Pay Cash, the feature is supposed to let users have the convenience to send, request or receive money from right within the iMessage app itself. However, given that the update is being pushed out early could be the reason Pay cash isn’t part of it.

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The update applies to all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices that are already running iOS 11. That includes all devices post-iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and the sixth gen iPod Touch. Users can update their device from Setting > General > Software Update.