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Firefox for Fire TV negates Google’s move to block YouTube access

The Amazon vs. Google fight over access to YouTube has taken on an interesting turn with the surprise move from Mozilla that announced the launch of its Firebox browser for Fire TV devices. And the same can well be used to view YouTube videos on TVs.

Google has been threatening Amazon with blocking access to YouTube to force the retail giant to come to its terms. Google though had said Amazon’s non-compliance of terms of services has actually forced them to withdraw access to the popular video-sharing site for Echo Show users.

Google has also been critical of Amazon’s move to keep Nest products or stuff like the Chromecast off the latter’s retail channels. However, though Amazon has since started selling the above products, Google continues to hold YouTube hostage to push through its agenda.

Another bone of contention between Google and Amazon is the latter’s reluctance to comply with cast technology, the same that powers Google’s Chromecast devices. Of course, Amazon has reasons to justify its act given that Chromecast rivals its own streaming devices such as the Fire TV.

However, with Firefox negating Google’s move to truncate YouTube services for Fire TV starting Jan. 1, Google will no doubt be on a weaker pitch to drive a hard bargain against Amazon. So far, there was only the Silk browser that was available on Fire TV.

Amazon has also been relying on its Silk browser to let Echo Show users to view YouTube videos on the device. That was until Google upped the ante and had made that impossible. That does not seem likely with Firefox given the wise available of the Mozilla browser on desktop devices as well.

Mozilla though refused to be drawn into the Google vs. Amazon battle and isn’t positioning its Firefox for Fire TV move as a means of bypassing Google’s plan to cut off access to YouTube from Jan. 1. The same isn’t even mentioned in the official blog post announcing the launch though it did mention the ease with which Fire TV owners can access the web on their smart TV, including video sites like YouTube to watch popular videos full screen.

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It remains to be seen how Google responds to the above development though it hasn’t reacted to this as yet.