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Samsung ups the ante in the TV game with a 146-inch 8K TV named The Wall

There is a great TV war brewing, and features like display size and resolution are the new ammos. Case in point; The Wall from Samsung which justifies its naming with its massive size which stands at 146-inch. The gargantuan proportion apart, the other distinguishing aspect of The Wall is its 8K resolution.

To refresh things a bit, domestic competitor LG too had stunned the tech world with a similar pre-CES revelation with an 88-inch TV that too was of 8K resolution. However, if anyone thought 88-inch for a TV is big enough is now for an even bigger surprise, one that measures nearly twice as much while sporting the same resolution.

Samsung, however, said it isn’t just about size and crazy resolutions, but its new TV is also about technological innovations that can well redefine the entire TV segment as a whole. One of them is the new Micro LED tech which emits their own light. That enables it to function even without backlighting. In other words, the ability of the Miro LEDs to turn on and off independently allows for greater contrast and in turn, better dynamic range.

Another unique aspect of the Mirco LED tech is its modular nature where in future buyers might, in fact, opt to design their own TV according to their requirements. That might be some way off but the immediate benefits can be to attach more displays with the least of hassles, just in case 146-inches of Micro LED goodness isn’t big enough, that is.

The lack of native 8K content is another issue to deal, and Samsung has a unique solution for that too in the form of an AI chip that the TVs come equipped with. The role of the AI chip is to upscale currently available content to match 8K resolutions. The demo of this tech seems praiseworthy as well with the display proving to be sharp and bright though the real test of the technology will be judged in real-time conditions when subjected to varied content stream.

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Price is anybody’s guess at the moment though that no doubt will be another eye-popping stuff. The Wall meanwhile isn’t something that dropped in out of nowhere. In fact, Samsung had demoed the same during last year’s CES as well. However, it was a prototype then, and the current model seems a more matured version of the same. That the company continues with the development process only shows its determination in pursuing such massive TVs notwithstanding the several limitations it poses, such as price, lack of content and so on.