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SanDisk launches world’s first 1 TB USB Type-C flash drive at CES 2018

Storage specialists SanDisk has taken the wraps off the world’s first USB-C Type flash drive that can store 1 TB of data. That is massive by any measure, offering that much of storage in a form factor as small as a regular USB drive being a tremendous feat in itself.

The flash drive though is still in prototype stage, and there is no firm commitment as to when it should be ready for a market launch. That said; a launch sometime around end-2018 or early 2019 is being actively speculated.

Apart from the sheer amount of storage in so small a form, the other unique aspect of the SanDisk prototype is that it comes with a USB-C interface. That makes it ready right out of the box for connecting to any device that comes with a Type-C port, which includes Android phones as well in addition to PCs.

The company meanwhile has also launched a 256 GB USB flash drive which again is much closer to making its debut at the market. Among the salient feature of the SanDisk Ultra, Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive with 256 gigs of storage include its support for 130 MB/s read speed. The writing speed is also impressive in that it can top off at 15-times the write speed of USB 2.0 drives.

SanDisk also said 256 GB of storage would be enough for holding up to 14,000 images, 16,000 song files along with 10 hours’ worth of Full HD video, while still having 64 GB of storage to spare. With this being the state of affairs with a 256 GB flash drive, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine what Sandisk’s newest prototype with nearly four times the storage capacity will be able to gobble up.

However, apart from the availability of the upcoming flash drive, the other equally important aspect of the prototype that too is shrouded in mystery is the price it would come for. What is amply clear though is that all the convenience that the ultra-small flash drive stands for will also come for a price.

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For pointers on that, portable SSDs with the same 1 TB of space come for around $300 to $350. The SanDisk prototype is likely to be priced at least the same, if not more.