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Logan Paul stripped of Google Preferred status along with a few other privileges

YouTube has initiated a series of actions against popular vlogger Logan Paul following his controversial video that depicted a dead body hanging from a tree in a so-called ‘suicide forest’ situated in Japan. And the one that will likely hit Paul the most is his exclusion from Google Preferred advertising.

That is not all as other privileges Paul will have to miss out on including an appearance on the YouTube Red series that is slated to show the original video Foursome this year. That apart, Paul’s own Originals project too has been cold-shouldered.

However, the above project hasn’t been abolished as a whole with Google yet to reveal its ultimate decision on it.

Things aren’t all lost for Paul though, for the vlogger can still look to monetize his videos via the YouTube Partner Program. The Preferred Program, however, happens to be a more exclusive grouping which acts as a guarantee of sorts for advertisers to expect quality video content.

To match the exclusivity, the Preferred Program also charges a premium for ad rates. That would mean quite a monetary blow for Paul if the suspension continues for a long run.

The above actions come after YouTube came in for some severe criticism for being soft on Paul even after being so insensitive as to depict a dead body of a suicide victim hanging.

The video site had initially given Paul a strike for posting a violent and graphic content that goes against the community guidelines.

Paul, on his part, said he is taking a break from making any more vlog posts for the moment, besides also tendering an apology in his last video uploaded about a week back.

YouTube too had expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased. The company also had reemphasized the need to upload only those content that meets its posting guidelines, which explicitly allows graphic content only if it is of suitable educational or documentary significance.