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Apple and Google buses attacked, original bay area residents likely suspect

Apple and Google might be rivals on the tech scene but seem to have a common enemy, one that seems keen to take things to a more physical level. This should explain the recent cases of attacks on shuttle buses used to ferry workers of the respective companies while en route to the office and back. Fortunately, none has been hurt in the separate attacking incidents so far.

Cops are clueless of the attacks at the moment though the pattern is hard to miss. All attacks have taken place on I-85 which happens to be the main highway linking San Francisco and Silicon Valley. So far, five buses have been hit, with four of them carrying Apple employees along with one carrying Google staff.

Interestingly, the buses aren’t exactly marked out as Apple or Google but can still be made out from their distinctive color scheme. While Google buses are all white, Apple uses grey colored buses. Similarly, Facebook buses are done up in their distinctive shade of blue.

Cops investigating the attacks have also been unable to confirm if this happens to be the handiwork of a single person or a group. The object used to inflict damage too remains unclear as it could be a rock or even pellet guns. The damage remains confined to shattered window panes which again aren’t of too serious nature but nonetheless, worrisome.

Both Apple and Google have however taken evasive actions and have voiced concern over the incident. Stating the safety of their respective employees are of paramount importance, both announced rerouting their buses via alternate routes even though that would mean adding another 30 – 45 mins to the travel time either way.

The reason behind the attacks also isn’t too hard to guess given that the rapid influx of tech employees in the San Francisco area have not been taken too kindly by the original residents. The biggest grouse against the techies is that their inflow has led to increased house rent in the area which agrees with the high salary they get. This has forced many of the original residents to seek refuge elsewhere.

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This also isn’t the first time that buses of tech companies have come under attack. The first of such incidents can be traced back to 2013 when windows of a Google bus were shattered by some miscreants.