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Bug Report: iPhone X owners cannot take calls

Apple said they had taken cognizance of a recent bug that has been plaguing iPhone X owners. The bug has to do with the screen response times as there is a clear mismatch reported between the time an incoming call comes and the time it is taking for the screen to actually light up.

Typically, as most users have reported, it takes about 10 seconds and several rings for the screen to reflect the incoming call status. Unfortunately, that is not before the caller has already gone off the line and is making it impossible for many to respond to incoming calls. Not only that, the receiver has no idea of the caller’s details in the first try, something that of course is the last thing to be expected of a device whose primary function is to make voice calls in the first place.

As some users said, restarting the device helped mitigate the issue for only for a short time as the issue has been found to creep back in after a few calls. Some even went to the extent of resetting their iPhone X though the issue tends to recur just after a few calls. Not surprisingly, the affected users vented their frustration in the Apple support forums claiming it to be least expected of a $1000 device that is just about a couple of months old.

Experts, however, believe a software tweak is all it might take to solve the issue. Maybe it has to do with a response time of sensors attached to the front screen that prevent unwanted screen touches to turn on the screen. Also, that it is just about a thousand or so users that have reported experiencing the issue points to it being a small batch of the device actually affected by the bug. A recent survey by the Market research group Canalys revealed Apple shipped about 29 million iPhone X during the holiday quarter.

Interestingly, there is no such bug reported of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus handsets so far. Also, while Apple is expected to come up with a solution to this quickly enough, there are no timelines available so far. The chances are that it could be bundled with the iOS 12 due soon or earlier if the said update gets delayed.

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Meanwhile, this seems to be a rough patch that Apple is making through with its iPhone efforts. As is already well known, the company is already facing the heat from owners of older iPhones for throttling their devices without keeping the owners in the knowing. Not only that, even the most expensive and prestigious offering, the iPhone X too is believed to have underperformed in the market.