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Google introduces Passkey Logon feature for enhanced security

Google’s latest authentication update lets users log in using passkeys, offering a more secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords. Passkeys, which were developed in collaboration with Apple, Microsoft, and other companies, use a strong cryptographic foundation that links login privileges to the user’s phone or computer. Unlike traditional passwords, passkeys don’t require the user to remember a complicated string of characters, and they typically use biometric authentication like fingerprint or facial recognition for added security.

Google has recently introduced passkey support for logging into its websites, which is being hailed as a major milestone in the development of secure authentication technology. While passkeys have already been integrated into Google’s Android phone software and Chrome web browser, it was only recently announced that they can now be used to log onto Google’s websites. Passkeys provide a more secure alternative to traditional passwords, using strong cryptographic security measures to anchor your logon privileges to your device.

Passkeys usually incorporate biometric authentication, such as facial or fingerprint recognition, to provide an even more secure means of logging in. For now, passkeys will work alongside other authentication methods, allowing users to try them out without abandoning their existing login methods. If successful, passkeys could potentially replace passwords altogether, providing a more secure and user-friendly way of accessing online services such as Gmail, YouTube and Workspace.