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Apple iOS source code gets leaked at GitHub raising security concerns

Some iOS source code got leaked at GitHub raising possible security or hacking concerns with devices currently in use. The codes have since been removed after Apple asked for it claiming that it is proprietary material and is not meant for open circulation on the web.

The codes in question pertain to the ‘iBoot’ process of iOS. Also, the reason this code is so vital as it is responsible for starting up an iOS device, or in other words, loads iOS in the first place each time the device is turned on. Besides, it also ensures the device is running code that has been validated by Apple.

It is also the same reason the code could be so important for the hacking community who are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities and loop holes in operating systems. The same also applies to jail-breakers who’d like to offer hacks for popular iPhone or iPad models that could open up more functionality with the device.

Apple though ruled out any such possibility claiming the iBoot process that has got leaked pertains to iOS 9. The current iOS version in vogue is iOS 11, and hence all devices running the latest iOS version can be considered perfectly safe. However, it being an inherent software engineering process where existing codes have always originated or have evolved from codes in the past, hacking or such misadventure owing to the leak can’t be ruled out entirely.

That said, there are many who are claiming this to be the biggest leak ever in the history of iOS or even Apple. The iPhone maker has also confirmed the code posted at GitHub is real indeed, but it isn’t clear yet as to how it got leaked or who is responsible for it either.

That Apple has been quick to seek removal of the code from GitHub is also proof enough how important the code is for the company. As is now evident, it was within just hours of the revelation of the code that Apple has sent a legal notice requesting immediate removal of the same.

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Unfortunately for the company, copies of the code have already become available to many, and it remains to be seen if those prove to be disruptive to iOS devices. In any case, Apple will have enough time to secure things up and might issue a patch to cover any risks posed by the leak.