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Google launches Flutter to ease cross-platform app development efforts

Google has some good news to share for app developers, a new platform that will allow them to develop apps for both Android and iOS at the same time. Flutter, as the platform has been named is still in beta though but promises to ease things a lot already for cross-platform developers.

Interestingly, it is in Google’s own interest that it has mooted the idea of a new app development platform that can cater to Android and iOS at the same time. That is because of the fragmentation issue that has been the bane of Android since its inception, one that tends to only magnify as the OS further evolves.

With hundreds of devices differing in almost every aspect, be it screen size, processor, and so on, it no doubt is a nightmare for any programmer creating apps for Android. Add to that the lack of uniformity of the Android version each of the devices might be running, and that is perhaps the worst that any developers might have.

Apple iOS presents just the opposite scenario given the way the operating system is tightly integrated to only a handful of devices. That includes the iPhone and the iPad which allows developers the luxury to create apps with the least of fuss.

No wonder, the unwritten convention followed among developers is to first create an app for iOS. It is only after this that the corresponding Android version of the app is released. However, with Flutter, developers will be able to use the same codes to power apps for both the platform.

Google, however, isn’t committing to any specific launch date for the final version of the app but is promising to update it once every month. That said, it already has an impressive timeline so far given that the first beta is already out after Google first announced the platform during the I/O conference.

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As for those who might be considering the efficiency of Flutter just yet, the first app designed by it, the Hamilton app is already out.

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