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Facebook admits to its atrocious grooming survey being a mistake

Facebook has found itself in a mess once again, this time for asking users to participate in a survey. No issues with that except that some of the questions asked were outrageous in the truest sense of the term.

For instance, there is one query that sought user’s opinion on a hypothetical scenario where an adult man is asking a 14-year old girl for sexually explicit photos. What is even more extraordinary is that among the options provided, there was none to bring the law enforcement agencies in the loop even though such an act is no doubt a crime in most parts of the world.

The survey involved a select group of Facebook users and happened to one more in a series of an incident that the social media giant has found involved in. The last time Facebook was found deviating from the normal was when it had resorted to using the phone numbers meant for 2-factor authentication for marketing efforts. The company is also being investigated for allowing false news or allowing ads that is believed to have polarized people’s opinion during last US presidential polls.

Facebook, however, has stated the survey will not have a bearing on their community guidelines already in place, no matter what the outcome of the survey is. The social media company also made it clear child grooming is banned on their site, and they are sticking with that whatsoever.

The company has also admitted to the survey being really offensive in nature and have hence stopped the same with immediate effect. There is no word though as to what prompted them to launch such a survey in the first place.

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What has appalled many is that in the questions posed, the best option for the logically inclined person to resort to was to let Facebook decide on the issue. There was no option to refer the matter to child protection groups or seek the help of the police, which has led many to believe if the company wishes to see itself as the sole arbiter in contentious issues that arises in future.