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Apple new patent points to a waterproof Lighting Connector

Apple might have been late to offer a wireless iPhone but seems eager to take it to next higher level already. One way it aims to achieve that is by ensuring a more waterproof design for the charging system, with a new patent application revealing a redesigned iPhone charging cable.

As has been revealed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the new proposed Lighting cable incorporates an expandable charging point which in turn would create a watertight cover for the charging interface. The charger also includes a new wedge-like shape for the Lighting connectors though the biggest change proposed is in the area immediately preceding the connector.

That would likely include a new vacuum seal sort of thing which would make ingress of water or moisture through the charging port practically impossible. The patent also includes another system wherein the vacuum seal would lie inside of the device. However, the latter design might prove more expensive on the long run as chargers with waterproofing element built into it will be easier to replace if needed.

While patent applications can never be safe to assume as to what their implications would be in real life, they do provide us with a glimpse of what the company might be thinking behind the scenes.

What has also come to the fore is that Apple has been researching on this since the first quarter of 2017.

It is not known though when or if at all the proposed changes will ever make it to a market-ready device.

The research has also been guided by the emerging trend wherein users tend to have their device at all times, even during outdoor adventure events. That, in turn, has prompted manufacturers to come up with more robust devices capable of withstanding the elements better than ever before.

The first iPhone to have the ability to withstand nature, to some extent at least, is the iPhone 7. However, the device was only categorized as water resistant which is a notch or two below a device labeled as waterproof. That was in 2016 though competing. Android devices have been offering waterproof devices much before that.

However, it now seems Apple is really keen to take its efforts to the next level as not only has it started offering waterproof Apple Watch, it also is attempting the same treatment for the Lighting charger as well.