Home Technology Fitbit Versa is a fitness tracker and smartwatch at just $200

Fitbit Versa is a fitness tracker and smartwatch at just $200

Fitbit has announced the launch of its new Fitbit Versa device which can well be considered to be the perfect cross between a fitness tracker and a full-fledged smartwatch. While that makes the Versa a great device, it also is easy to own as well given its pocket-friendly $200 price tag.

That makes it a lot more affordable than regular smartwatches that are typically priced upward of $300. Fitbit’s own Ionic is thus priced while the king of the lot, the Apple Watch starts at $349. However, the other nice thing with the new Fitbit Versa – if it can be so said – is that it shares an uncanny resemblance with the Apple Watch, save for a few millimeters less in dimensions.

However, the size bit apart, the Versa can do things that matter the most. That includes the usual fitness tracking stuff like counting the steps, heartbeat as well as user’s sleep.

Fitbit claimed it can even track sleep apnea so that users can opt for remedial measures. That again can be attributed to the SpO2 sensor that the Versa comes integrated with.

The slightly smaller size of the Versa compared to the Apple Watch is also seen to be well suited for the womenfolk.

And the Versa complements with a few women-specific features as well. That includes a menstrual period tracker which now is part of other trackers that the device comes integrated with. The same is also available on the Apple Watch or most other smartwatches but only in the form of an app.

The Versa is also waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters, which makes the device a perfect companion during swimming or surfing. That said, the company strongly recommends keeping the device off of sauna or hot tubs. In fact, the Versa is well designed to track the users’ activities in the pool, like tracking laps and so on. It otherwise is equally proficient in tracking steps on the treadmill or anywhere and can keep a tab on when the user is taking a break and so on.

All of this information is available in a tabulated manner so that users can have a quick grasp of their activities. The device also boasts of a long battery life as well, which extends to around 4 days. That again comes against a compromise, the missing GPS that would have otherwise made the Versa a true blue smartwatch.

There is a special edition version of the Versa available though, one that comes with a NFC chip built into it. The same makes the watch perfect for making contact-less payments using Fitbit Pay. It can store several hundred songs as well, which users can make good use of during workouts. It is Bluetooth enabled as well, which means no messy wires to listen to songs.

The Versa can also be used to send quick replies to messages. Besides this, there are a plethora of apps that users can install on the watch.

On the whole, the new Fitbit Versa can be a nice and affordable option for those looking for a fitness tracker than doubles up as a smartwatch as well. Users can Pre-Order Fitbit Versa and it ships in 3-4 weeks.