Home Business Google acquires Tenor to make GIFs mainstream in its image search

Google acquires Tenor to make GIFs mainstream in its image search

Google is now the new owner of tenor, having acquired the GIF platform to fuel its quest to include more GIFs in Google image search results or its other services such as Gboard. The financial aspects of the deal are, however, being kept a secret though Google did reveal in a blog post that Tenor will continue to have an independent existence of its own, including the Tenor brand name as well.

Google, however, stated they will invest more in Tenor while efforts to integrate the latter’s services more closely with Google will continue. Tenor has been a platform agnostic service so far, which meant it had been of relevance to iOS and desktop as well, besides Android of course. It seems that would remain unaffected going by what Google said while announcing the acquisition.

The immediate result of the acquisition can be seen from the inclusion of more GIFs in Google image searches. That apart, Tenor’s GIFs will also make its presence felt across the entire spectrum of Google services. The Mountain View company said the increasing number of searches for GIFs has been an inspiration for them to go for acquiring the GIF platform.

Catering to over 12 billion online searches every month, Tenor has become one of the biggest names so far as GIFs are concerned. Having reached that feat in just four that the startup has been in existence also underscores the importance the segment has come to be. Tenor has easily been the most downloaded app on both Android and iOS with Giphy being among its immediate rivals.

All of this does make it seem to be a smart choice made by Google to acquire Tenor given the close integration that the company is set to benefit from for its services post the takeover.

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Both Erick Hachenburg and Frank Nawabi who set up Tenor along with Cofounder David McIntosh will continue to lead from the front post the acquisition by Google. They have been elated with the development and said this will further bolster their efforts to make the over three billion mobile users around the world to have the perfect digital analogy of their mood or emotion at any given point in time.