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Apple rumoured to launch bigger and better Watch Series 4

There is a new Apple Watch expected in the fall season, one that is believed to be bigger and better than ever before, reports KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo, however, does not have the details on the Series 4 Apple Watch but is claiming there would be about a 15 percent size increment for the display. However, while a bigger display is always welcome, there is some ambiguity as to how that would be brought about.

One option will be to increase the chassis dimension though that likely will increase project costs as well. The other option will, of course, be to reduce the bezel depth which naturally translates to an increase in the viewable area.

The latter has been used to good effect in the smartphone segment where display sizes have gone up in recent time even though the overall phone dimensions have remained largely the same. No doubt the same, if applied to smartwatches, can work wonders.

Among the other aspects of the upcoming Apple Watch, it likely will have better health monitoring abilities even though Kuo didn’t have the specifics on this front. But then, Apple has really been working hard to see greater uptake of its Apple Watch devices by enhancing their prospects as a health aid as well.

Among those include the ability of the smartwatch to predict heart attacks or diabetes. No word though if there would be other health sensors included in the new Apple Watch though Kuo believes there might be more to the new Watch than just heart rate monitoring itself.

Kuo also predicts there will be about 22-24 million Apple Watch devices sold in 2018. That would make for about 30 percent year over year growth over previous years. In any case, Apple already has emerged to be the largest seller of smartwatches with its nearest challenger being Fitbit.

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Expect more rumors to crop up in the coming months as we approach the fall which also is the usual period when Apple launches new iPhone devices.