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Apple releases iOS 11.3, includes battery management, business chat, ARKit etc

Apple has started rolling out iOS 11.3 which happens to be a major update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users worldwide. The version has been in beta stages for some time and is now finally available to Apple mobile devices. The update also includes the much talked about battery management feature that Apple said will allow users to have greater control over their devices.

Here is everything else that the update comes with.

Battery and Performance: As CEO Tim Cook had promised earlier, the feature that allows users to have better control over their battery is finally here. The feature can tell users if their batteries are nearing the end of their life and needs a replacement.

Users will also have the option to choose performance over battery life if they so desire, a key point of contention between Apple and iPhone users. The feature is applicable to iPhone 6 and later devices.

Business Chat: This happens to be a cool new feature that lets users to chat with businesses without revealing their own identity. This way users can get their service queries answered, new appointments set or even finalize a new purchase. What’s more, payments too can be made right from within the Messages platform itself using Apple Pay.

Companies like Lowe’s, Discover, Hilton, Marriott International, Newegg, Ameritrade and Wells Fargo can already be reached via the new Business Chat feature while more are expected to join the list soon.

New updated Health App: The Health App now comes with the new Health Records feature that lets users to store all of their medical records in a convenient manner. Those can be retrieved whenever required and compared with previous such results. Apple also stated they have on board several medical centres like Johns Hopkins Medicine, UC San Diego Health, Geisinger Health System, UNC Health Care, Rush University Medical Center, OhioHealth, Cerner Health Clinic, Cedars-Sinai or Penn Medicine.

The Health Records feature will also help health care professions to be better aware of the patient’s medical history and hence make informed decisions based on those. The records will be arranged under several heads such as allergies, medications, immunizations, lab results and so on. Further, the data will be encrypted and secured by a password for optimum privacy.

New Animoji: Apple introduced new Animoji with the latest update, bringing the total number of characters to 16. Among the new additions include a dragon, bear, lion and even a skull. As for the working, that, of course, remains the same as users will be able to impart their own emotions to the characters thereby making them seem as an extension of the user itself. First introduced with the iPhone X, the Animoji has already been a hit among users, and the introduction of new characters will only make it all the more exciting.

New updated ARKit 1.5: The platform that enables developers to create AR based apps has just been updated with new features that make it both easier for developers to get along with their job while also creating more immersive AR experience as well. For instance, the latest version will allow even posters or an artwork to offer mesmerizing augmented reality experience.

Privacy Icon: The latest iOS build also comes with a new Privacy Icon. Interestingly, the feature isn’t being discussed but does form part of iOS 11.

3. It’s working is simple too as it is designed to crop up every time any Apple app or a feature asks users to submit their personal data with the icon acting as a guarantee of sorts ensuring the safety of such data.

However, things aren’t expected to be safe and secure if the icon does not appear, and users are recommended not to enter their personal info. All of this does makes sense at a time when privacy issues are the raging topic worldwide post-Facebook’s infamous data leak scandal in collusion with Cambridge Analytica.

These apart, the iOS 11.3 comes with several other enhancements and bug fixes as well though there are a few notable omissions as well. Those include AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud. Both featured in previous beta versions but for reasons unknown, hasn’t made to the final version. In any case, there are plenty more reasons to look forward to the new update.