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Former Google AI head joins Apple to improve Siri’s capabilities

Apple’s efforts in the space of artificial intelligence is set to get a major boost now that it can count a former head of AI at Google, John Giannandrea in its rolls. The same is also expected to improve the capabilities of Siri that has always lagged behind its peers so far as AI capabilities are concerned.

A machine learning expert, John Giannandrea devised technologies that helped AI shape the way various Google services came to evolve over time. Those include Gmail, and image search, along with of course Google Assistant. Now Apple is expecting the same sort of approach to help Siri better compete with its rivals, namely Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana.

Competitors like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft can be considered to have an edge over Apple when it comes to research capabilities in the field of AI, neural network, machine learning, computer vision and such. That Apple is keen to catch up with its rivals in this field can be estimated from the fact that Giannandrea would be reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook and would head machine learning and AI strategy division within the company.

Interestingly, Apple’s less than impressive progress in AI can be considered to be the result of its own data collection and privacy policies. While the same is commendable and is often lauded for adhering to high standards of user privacy, the same is also preventing it from providing a top-tier AI experience that matches its rivals.

Facebook and Google are already champions in this field, and much of that owes to its data collection policies spanning billions of users spread all over the world. That’s because neural network requires copious amounts of data to make its workings more accurate and meaningful to the user. True both the companies are often pulled up for their less than impressive track record for adhering to user privacy, but its seems Apple has to walk the fine line between upholding acceptable levels of data privacy and pushing ahead with its AI goals.

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For its user, the above should be a small step to expect a more matured Siri that goes about doing its job in a more meaningful manner. Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana has already reached a level, and Giannandrea sure will have to work hard to ensure Siri too is counted among those.