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Google hints on Gmail getting a fresh new look soon

The Gmail web interface is set to be provided a fresh new makeover, G Suite admins are reported to have been informed. That would include the introduction of several new features that aim to make the interface a lot more clean and clutter free.

Google, however, isn’t revealing what the new design will be like but is believed to be much on the lines of its mobile app. However, there likely will be new features such as ‘snoozed’ and ‘indef’ introduced. The basic layout as is currently available however is expected to remain the same. That includes a system and custom folder settings arranged along the left with the rest of the display showing the actual messages.

Several leaked screenshots have also revealed the default view to show image attachments or Drive files. This will facilitate easy comprehension of an email by saving users from having to separately open attachments or Drive files.

The Google Calendar too is expected to be more closely integrated with Gmail so that users get to browse their appointments or other details right from within a message itself. As is being speculated, there will be a sidebar attached to the right. Clicking the same will reveal all calendar appointments and other details applicable for the day or the particular message and such.

Google is also keen to lure in more developers to build an app for Gmail Add-ons. A new Easy Access button too is being conceptualized and will be included in the right sidebar so that users can access the apps conveniently.

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The smart reply feature might also see the actual messages included within rounded boxes. This should make them more noticeable as well as pleasing to the eye. Google had introduced the smart reply feature some time back as a convenient option to make short and quick replies to most messages. No word though if that too is undergoing a makeover though that will have to do more with the underlying AI algorithms rather than anything else.