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Gmail account holders being spammed by themselves

Spammers seem to have hit upon a new and ingenious method of sending out spam emails. That has been the case with numerous Gmail account holders who discovered much to their surprise of having sent out emails which they never did in reality.

The affected users said they found several emails in their sent folder.

Further, the emails have been sent to addresses which the users said they have never known before. As for the email itself, those are garbage at best, suggesting weight loss pills and growth supplements for men. Also, of course, none of the senders acknowledges having anything to do with such companies that promote such pills.

Also, a common feature of the said spam emails is that those are shown to have been sent via telus.com. For those not in the knowing, Telus is a Canada based telecommunication company that commands a lot of respect.

Involving such a name no doubt makes the emails look that much more authentic and real.

The affected users said changing their Gmail account passwords hasn’t proved to be of help in preventing the spread of the spam messages. In fact, the spamming act has been found to continue unabated even with the two-factor authentication invoked. Gmail users have taken to various forums to vent their frustration on that issue. One particular user said he logged out of all accounts though that did not prove to be of any help.

Google meanwhile has acknowledged being aware of the suspicious activity going on at Gmail but said it is a small group that has been affected. The company said it has been pulled off using forged email headers that made users to believe they themselves have sent the emails to their own accounts.

That also is the reason such emails have shown up in the sent account folder.

Google also assured Gmail account holders this does not amount to any of the email accounts having been hacked in reality. It also said they are in the process of identifying all such emails and are classifying them as spam so as to be treated as one. The company also suggested all users to be vigilant of such acts and to report any suspicious looking emails as spam.

Telus too has said they have nothing to do with the entire episode and none of their company representatives is in any way involved in this mess. Telus also confirmed none of the spam emails have originated from their servers.

Both Google and Telus have said they are actively pursuing the issue and assured of all possible help to reach an early resolution on the matter.