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Latest iOS 17 leak claims iPhone lock screen to serve as smart display

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2023, scheduled for June 5. As expected, rumors about upcoming features and updates about Apple devices and services are surfacing. Take for instance the intriguing speculations claiming iOS 17 is going to introduce a new lock screen that transforms iPhones into smart displays.

The credibility of this rumor is bolstered by industry insider Mark Gurman from Bloomberg who is known for his reliable insights. According to Gurman’s recent report, Apple is exploring ways to make iPhone Wi-Fi calling more useful when placed on desks or nightstands. This alleged feature builds upon the customizable lock screen introduced in iOS 16, which enables users to view condensed snippets of information.

While details remain scarce, Gurman’s anonymous sources claim that the lock screen on devices running iOS 17 will resemble Amazon’s Echo Show displays. That includes adopting a dark background with bright text, something that is reminiscent of the Nightstand Mode available on the Apple Watch.

Apple’s efforts to expand its presence in the smart home arena have been evident, with rumors emerging earlier this year about the company launching a low-end iPad as an official smart home controller. Gurman’s report suggests that this device is designed not only to control thermostats and house lights but also to showcase video content.

It remains uncertain whether Apple intends to enhance the role of iPhones in its smart home strategy beyond basic information display. Moreover, the potential impact on Matter standard raises questions. Matter, a smart home connectivity protocol, recently released version 1.1, which was expected to bring significant improvements but lacked extensive device-type support. Interestingly, Gurman’s leaks do not mention Matter, leaving some concerned about its future integration.

For now, Apple remains tight-lipped about its plans for iOS 17, with an Apple spokesperson declining to comment on the matter. Nevertheless, other leaks mentioned in the report include watchOS 10 receiving widgets as part of a significant revamp and the anticipated unveiling of Apple’s VR headset. Noteworthy tidbits involve “significant changes to the iPhone’s Wallet app” and an AirPlay upgrade that aims to simplify content beaming to devices not owned by the user. Apple reportedly consulted with hotels offering TVs and speakers to enable this functionality.

Stay tuned for more on WWDC 2023 as well as the official unveiling of iOS 17 and other exciting announcements that are expected in the coming days and weeks.