Home Technology Lenovo flagship Z5 will be an all-Screen affair with no bezel

Lenovo flagship Z5 will be an all-Screen affair with no bezel

Lenovo could be on track to launch the world’s first all screen smartphone that has virtually zero bezels all around. Named the Z5, the phone will have a screen to body ratio of 95 percent, which according to Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng is the highest ever for a production smartphone device.

There is no word though if the above is still a concept or is indeed headed for production. Lenovo however said they have more details to share of the phone on June 14, which is when we will likely have a clearer picture of the Z5.

Among the aspects that the tech world will be keen to know about the Z5 is the likely method employed on the Z5 for accommodating the front facing camera. While the use of ultrasonic technology has helped manufacturers get rid of other sensors, the front facing camera can still be a challenge for companies pursuing all screen smartphone designs.

Lenovo meanwhile has also teased a partial shot of a smartphone which has the display making up the most of the front. While that does look mighty impressive, it is only a portion of the smartphone that has been revealed. That is also making us yearn more for the rest of the device to be shown. That perhaps applies more for the bottom which is where the OLED display adapter is placed.

That should also explain why most ‘bezel-less’ smartphones of the likes of Mi Mix 2 still makes do with a bottom bezel, howsoever thin those might be. It will be interesting to see if Lenovo has found a way to do away with that. Company VP Chang didn’t confirm on whether the Z5 will have a chin but did say the new Z5 features four technological breakthroughs, besides using 18 patented technologies as well.

Worth mentioning, the Apple iPhone X might be famous for its notch at the top but does not have a chin. That, Apple explained has been achieved by using a technique wherein the OLED panel itself is folded back underneath.

The Z5 meanwhile will also come with an in-screen fingerprint sensor along with piezoelectric earpieces, the other technological hurdles to incorporating an all-screen display. What remains to be seen is whether Lenovo can keep up to the buzz created with the Z5.