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HTC Exodus will be world’s first native blockchain phone

HTC announced its next smartphone will be based on blockchain technology. Named Exodus, the phone will actually be a part of greater initiatives that the Taiwanese company plans to embark on in the field of cryptocurrencies though it is the Exodus that it is focusing on right now.

Images currently available do not make the phone to look anything special. Rather, it is going to be like any other handset but will come with a universal wallet along with a secure enclave to serve its intended role.

Among the protocols that the Exodus will be supporting include Bitcoin, Lighting Networks, Ethereum and so on. Phil Chen who is overseeing the cryptocurrency aspect of the handset said they look forward to forging many more such partnerships in the foreseeable future.

The ultimate aim will be to support the whole blockchain network to make owing to the Exodus a truly worthwhile experience. Further, each of the Exodus phone is designed to act as nodes so that it provides for a secure platform for all its users to engage in cryptocurrency trading.

As a refresher, Phil Chen has also been actively involved in the HTC Vive virtual reality headset project which went on to become a rare success for HTC in recent times. He has recently been reinstated to spearhead the Exodus project though it remains to be seen if the Vive success story will be repeated with the Exodus as well.

Also, with cryptocurrency trading being the central motive behind the new Exodus phone, it should be least surprising the other underlying aspect the phone will be adhering to the most will be a security of the data contained in the phone. In fact, Chen has lofty but commendable aspirations here, claiming to devise a phone where the user will be the sole controller of all the data in it.

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Unfortunately, there is not much else that is known of the phone in question. The company has come up with the engineering diagrams of the handset which unfortunately does not reveal much to the average user. A singe lens rear cam complemented by a flash is evident though. Let’s hope we get to known of the Exodus in more detail in the near future.