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iOS 11.4 update brings iMessages on iCloud and AirPlay 2 feature

Apple’s next biggest iOS update, the iOS 12 might be making all the noise right now though the company has also slipped out a new iteration of iOS 11 in the meantime. Christened iOS 11.4, the new version comes with features like AirPlay 2 and iMessages in iCloud both of which were due since last year.

With the integration of iMessages in iCloud, the benefits are obvious as users won’t be tied up to any device to access their messages. Instead, the messages can be browsed from any compatible device while deleting the message in iCloud will ensure users won’t have to individually delete the same from each device.

Another benefit of centralized storage for the messages in iCloud is that those get backed up together with the regular iCloud backup process. That way, any new device that gets connected to the account grid will have access to all the messages without having to initiate a restore in the device locally.

Also, with the messages getting shifted to the cloud, the other obvious benefit is that this will free up space in the individual device. That said, this will eat up space in the cloud, which can be considerable if there are lot of photos, attachments, and messages that is getting shifted to the iCloud account. Further, all the content gets synced automatically across all devices as well for ease of access of the messages.

Users, however, will have to specifically opt-in for enabling messages in iCloud. That can be done by launching the Settings page followed by selecting the Apple ID page. After that, users will have to click on iCloud set the Messages toggle switch to the on a slot. Enabling the setup will also initiate the two-factor authentication feature to allow for enhanced security.

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The other important feature with the latest update is that it finally introduces support for AirPlay 2. What that means is that users can look forward to multiroom audio feature enabled, at last, something that has already been available on competing devices such as the Google HomePod or Alexa Echo. AirPlay 2 will be applicable to the Apple TV as well, with iPhone or iPad acting as remote controls.