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Strange Google bug ‘the1975..com’ reveals message list on the phone

There is a strange Google bug that has come to the fore, one that will show the list of the user’s most recent text messages. And all that the user needs to do to reproduce the bug is to type in the search term ‘the1975’ (parenthesis excluded) in the Google app.

That perhaps is the weirdest thing anyone might have ever come across with their Android devices so far though fortunately, the same does not pose any security risk. It is only the text messages from the user’s own phone that are displayed, and not someone else’s.

As such, it might be concluded no one else is getting access to others messages as well.

The credit for the discovery goes to a Reddit user who had set out to search for the indie band ‘The 1975’ but ended up typing ‘the1975..com’ instead. Of course, the double periods was a mistake and not deliberate.

And none was prepared for the outcome as well, which also led many to speculate the terms ‘the1975..com’ might be a secret Android code word after all.

The bug also seems to be applicable to Android as many managed to reproduce the error in several devices so far. Those include Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG and so on. Each yielded the same results which prove individual devices have nothing to do with the bug. The Reddit users first came to know of it in a Pixel handset.

If all of this is not weird, enough other Reddit users too have come up with a list of terms that they said will lead to a similar scenario, that of the phone displaying the list of the most recent messages. Those search terms are ‘vizela viagens,’ ‘zela viagens,’ or ‘izela viagens’.

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Google is yet to respond to the development, whether the term ‘the1975..com’ is indeed a secret Android code to reveal the list of the most recent messages exchanged via the device. It sure will be interesting to see what their explanation to it is.