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Facebook disagrees with NYT over inappropriate data-sharing claims

Facebook has found itself in another muddle, this time being accused of having allowed, dozens of device manufacturers, access to user’s personal information. According to the report, it’s about 60 companies that Facebook has forged a partnership with. It list includes the Who’s Who of the tech world and has such names in it as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, to name a few.

As per the deal, the device makers were allowed access to Facebook’s APIs. This, in turn, ensured the companies could access the social site with features like the contact list, messages along with of course the famous ‘like button’. All of this also pertains to the time when Facebook app wasn’t as widespread on smartphones as it is now.

Facebook, in its defense, has stated any sharing of user data is accomplished only after explicit permission from the user. However, not many seems impressed with the explanation with many claiming user’s weren’t fully aware of the extent of the permission they granted Facebook for sharing of the data. That is not all as the agreement Facebook had with the companies aren’t believed to be well formulated and comprehensive enough.

Facebook is already under heavy scrutiny post the Cambridge Analytica scandal wherein it stands accused of sharing millions of user’s personal data to controversial political data mining firm. The company is being probed for the same while CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to testify before the senate over the social company’s commitment to respecting user’s privacy.

Among the user data that the tech firms are reported to have access to include the user’s religion, political affiliation, relationship status, upcoming event and such. What should be even more disturbing is that information pertaining to the user’s friends too have been tapped.

Facebook meanwhile also stated they have since been reviewing all its data sharing policies, more so after coming under fire post the Cambridge Analytica scandal. While it could still be some time for the social media company to clean all the mess though the latest revelation can no doubt land it in fresh trouble, including possible monetary penalty as well.