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Facebook introduces Fb.gg to take on Twitch

Facebook is aiming for a slice of the video game streaming business, which precisely is the reason it came up with Fb.gg, it’s newest venture to entice online gamers. The above is also seen as a move to contest Twitch, the other destination gamers frequent the most and which Facebook is aiming to replace.

With Fb.gg, users have a single window access to all games available online on Facebook. Of course being the social media giant that it is, Fb.gg will also showcase what streaming celebrities that the user follow are up to, the Pages or Groups they have liked and so on. Plus, there is going to be gaming related videos available on Fb.gg as well.

That is not all as the new landing page for gaming addicts will also serve as a one-stop shop for all gaming related news and developments, including gaming conference events details as well. The site can also turn out to be the preferred destination to watch other streamers or to check out new games as well.

The other reason for Facebook to be gunning for Twitch is because the latter has a very young audience. That again is because it streams gaming related video which is immensely popular with the young audience. And the latter again is hot property for the advertisers. No wonder, Facebook is looking to add to its chest more of advertising cash.

Also, of course, there is the option for the users to make some cash in the process as well, something that YouTube and Twitch already offer and is one reason their service is so popular among gamers. Facebook wants to be right up to it as it goes all out to lure gamers.

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Towards that, Facebook is also introducing Level up a program that applies to the game content developers. And the same group will be able to earn money in the form of virtual currency from stream viewers. The virtual currency is being referred to as Facebook Stars and is worth $0.01 each. Unfortunately, not all of it belong to the users as Facebook will be taking a portion of it but said that would be a minor amount.