Home Technology Google hints Microsoft certified Windows 10 Pixelbook coming soon

Google hints Microsoft certified Windows 10 Pixelbook coming soon

The Pixelbook devices of future might be seen running Windows 10, genuine and authentic version with none other than Microsoft certifying the arrangement. No matter how outrageous this might seem but something definitely seem to be cooking at the Google camp at the moment.

The unlikely marriage also makes sense given how popular the Pixelbooks happen to be among the student community.

However, things would definitely be better sans the Chrome OS that the Google laptops come preloaded with.

And it is here that Microsoft’s Windows comes into the picture given the far more well-rounded experience it provides compared to the Chrome OS.

Microsoft’s attempts to take on the Pixelbooks with similarly priced laptops running Windows 10 hasn’t fared well either. It is this that makes latching on to the winning formula – read Pixelbook – perhaps a more sensible option.

That said, Google isn’t shedding its sensibilities – or the lack of it – for things Microsoft either. Maybe that is the reason the Windows 10 for Pixelbook has got rebranded as AltOS. Both the Microsoft Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) has come to be associated with the Pixelbook devices, which is another strong indicator of Google ken to have the laptop certified to run Windows 10.

However, what remains to be seen is if the Pixelbooks will run the new AltOS right out of the box. Some analysts though believe the Google laptops will run Chrome OS by default but will be certified to run genuine editions of Windows 10 if the user so desires.

That again makes for a tacit endorsement for the Microsoft platform vis-a-vis its own Chrome OS.

Also, with Microsoft’s backing, Google seems to be keen to pose a bigger challenge in the educational segment where it already is a serious player. Microsoft too shouldn’t be concerned so long as it finds newer users to market its software and services to.