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Apple will start shipping AirPower from September

After multiple rumors about the shipping of AirPower charging mat by Apple, finally, there has been a indication regarding the same to be released in Septemeber. The news of its release came from a reporter Mark Gurman who is well connected with sources from Apple. The AirPower charger launch was delayed given some technical issues with its software and hardware which have been dealt with.

The company initially announced the product last year which got delayed due to complexities in the device. The device has been designed to charge multiple types of devices by Apple without any wire-based connection. This feature shall be quite an achievement for Apple after its launch.

According to Gurman, the engineers working on the project aimed to launch the same in June 2018. However, the technical glitch has led to the unexpected delay which includes overheating, complex circuitry for multi-device charging, along with software bugs. The AirPower shall house a customized Apple Chip running inside it which is essentially a lower version of the iOS designed for device pairing and power management. The engineers are currently working on removing the issues with the bugs for firmware present on-board.

The AirPower has been designed in oval-shape that has the power of inductive charging for multiple devices which includes iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone X and iPhone 8. It also houses the capability to charge the AirPods when placed inside a the case designed for charging bought alongside the AirPower.

This unique technology has been derived from the propriety technology that was developed by the company. Apple confirmed that there should be further development to ensure that this technology merges as the part of the universal standard for Qi, with support for new iPhones along with the 3rd Party manufacturers who can release their mats for multi-device charging.

AirPower is an efficient example of Apple’s main goal of bringing futuristic technology into real-time use. Apple engineers aim to remove a maximum of the buttons and external ports present in the iPhone to make it sleeker for use. Apple had plans for removal of wired charging for the device iPhone X. However, the idea was dropped given the fact that the charging wasn’t fast enough to opt for the wireless option.

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The AirPower mat isn’t completely wireless as it requires to be connected with a lightning cable to draw power and charge the Apple devices wirelessly.